Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First entry that lacks creativity


Ding! Ding! Ding! I just got an idea.:D I got this photo here.

It took me forever to come up with  my url name (cluttergenius.blogspot.com); now I'm taking up infinity for my first entry, not a good start. :(

ClutterG (CG) needs a trip to Creativity Ville.  I got this photo here.

This is because:
1. I'm still thinking of what my blog would look like.
2. I'm still figuring out my way in blogspot.
3. Everything is unplanned, I was checking a blog and was like: 'hey, I can't read a review until I'm one of the bloggers, guuuuuh' So I made my own.
4. I still don't know to whom I'm going to write for.
5. I still don't know what my blogs will contain (reviews, random rants, etc.)

Okay, screw it. I'll do whatever I want.
*EDIT* August 17, 2011
This started to get my attention:
I mean, seriously?
So I started to get the question: WHY is my first post popular?
I guess you guys are having the same problem that I have.
After reading online tutorials (on how, what, why to blog), I've decided to answer the questions I asked myself (above) a few months back. Also, because people started to look up at this post quite often, I guess you deserve a better post to read than a crappy "First post that lacks Creativity"

Why ClutterGenius? Why not use your real name or like "name here Diaries" or "name here Confessions" or the like?
  • It describes 10% of my personality. I took the name from my room. You'll know exactly what I mean when you see my room at home, it's a mess but I know where my things are. he-he
  • I just like two opposing words that when joined together, they perfectly fit to describe something/someone.
  • I plan to hide my real identity online.
  • This is not a diary/confession of any sort. I plan to just share my insights of other things.
Why did you choose Jin as your pen name?
  • Because that's what my boyfriend calls me. He saw a picture of me 6-8 years back and I was chubby/fat. He called me "Majinbu" from the anime Dragon ball-z (because of my transition of being fat to thin--but not super thin.) I'm not as scary as Majinbu---well, sometimes. To make it short, he calls me "Jin".
  • "Jin" also means human in nippongo (I forgot from what book I read it from) and "Gold" in Chinese.

1.  What my blog should look like?
  • I want it something that will show some of my personality without exposing my 'real 'self offline.
  • I want it simple and easy to navigate through. I will look for sometime to figure blogspot out until I can come up to my desired blog theme/look. If can't do this, maybe I'll switch to tumblr or the other blogging sites.

2.   I'm still figuring my way in blogspot.
  • I know some "super" basics in HTML from highschool and now I'm relearning everything. I don't want to pay for someone to customize my site because I know I can do it myself. I'm still looking up for tutorials. It will be nice to get some help from fellow bloggers. 
  • I have accounts from Xanga and other blogsites before, but that was way back in highschool and I just want to erase everything because I'm not active at those sites anymore (plus everything I shared there was almost all about ranting).

3.   I made my own blog so I can read others'
  • I want to learn more from others. I love reading reviews. I guess it won't hurt giving my own.

4.   I still don't know to whom I'm going to write for.
  • I want to write for people with the same passion as mine. 
  • I like using makeup, traveling, reading books and blogs, reading mangas, eating and drawing. I just started to get curious of makeup around 2008 and I've started to build my own collection. Back in highschool, I collect comics and mangas. In college I start collecting magazines and artworks so I can use it as reference in my drawings. Recently, I started to learn how to take care of my skin (because I don't bother about it) and how to prettify on occasions (when needed).

5.  I still don't know what my blogs will contain (reviews, random rants, etc.)
  • I want to share reviews from makeup (discoveries), random rants, foods, places I've been, books I've read--almost everything! 
  • I also want to have a Tree Of the Month (TOM) section where I can put the significance of a tree found here in the Philippines--just spreading information about the trees you can plant, take care of AND in return, help mother nature and our future descendants.

In the end, I'll be blogging things I like. Because blogging is a way for me to relieve some stress and hone my skills while I'm still looking for work.:D

with that, I HTH (Hope That Helps) in creating your own blog.
Good luck~!

PS. Always remember, Google is your friend! (Or Search Engines are your friends.lol)

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