Sunday, May 1, 2011

CG meets Lip Ice (now in the Philippines!)

At first, I'm not totally aware of taking care of my skin, face, etc.

I don't even have my own daily skin routine! Then (influenced by magazines, tv commercials and friends) I started reading blogs, watching other Vlogs or tutorials that made me 'aah, boy I need that'. The closest thing I got to taking care of my skin (other than taking a bath--err) is putting on lotion (cricket sound on the BG). Maybe it's also because I am blessed with good skin (I mean pimples are never a problem only when I'm going to have my monthly period) and my mom is always on freaking alert mode whenever we (my siblings and I) think of buying other stuff to put on. My mom always tells us that our skin is too young to be bombarded with harsh chemicals thus I only understand that I should put moisturizer on my face and neck at age of 20 (I'm not kidding).

Now that I'm getting way older and started to notice my skin is not as 'good' as before (thank you, insomnia and stress) I started to put on things I need (yes! prevention is better than cure).

One of my face problems now (like dark under eye circles, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.) is chapped lips. My lips are not as healthy-looking as before, also blame this to lack of water consumption. Anyway, years back, I've noticed I'm not as convinced with Chapsticks as before and started to look for something else and lately I'm starting to buy different lip balms/lip conditioners.

***DISCLAIMER: I'm not paid by Lip Ice for the product review. Everything in this post (and future posts) is my own opinion and without bias. THANK YOU.:)***

Yesterday, while I was strolling in MOA (Mall of Asia) with my friend, a promo girl gave me a pamphlet of a new product: LIP ICE. Curious, we went to their booth and tried their product.

After trying some, I swore to buy more of it! I think I've started to be lip-balm/conditioner-crazy since I've been buying lip balms/conditioners every month.O.O

(If you're confused about lip balm and lip conditioner, here's a helpful blog for you.)

So here's the product I bought (pink colored theme~!):

According to one of the assistants, this is their best seller. It comes with strawberry and unscented.
I can't wait to use it so it's already opened, just forgot to take a picture
of it unopened so I did put it

Because I'm lazy typing about what it does and its ingredients,
you can enlarge this one. (ooohh.. I've just noticed it's made in China.)

Cute packaging and very handy!:) Net weight: 2.0g (expiry: 08/2013).
See, it's white but it turns into pink on your lips.

See the difference? The slight pinking of my lips looks natural (with only two swipes). My original lip color looks pale, lol.

Oh, my friend and I took a photo at their photo booth for free after buying their product. I'm still waiting for the picture to be uploaded. hee-hee. ---> here's the picture!:D

Wallet damage:
Php 145

What I love about it:
  • Smells sweetly nice. Its smell is not overwhelmingly sweet that's why I love it. If you don't like the smell, there's always the unscented though.
  • The pink color looks natural.:)
  • Doesn't feel heavy.
  • Nice packaging!
What I hate about it:
  • None!
Will I recommend this?
YES! You can also try their lip balms that start with Php89 with different fruity flavors (they really REALLY smell yummy), I will try them next time.:) Oh, they also have lip balm for men! Try it guys! Maybe I'll give my boyfriend

You can also like their facebook page here.

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  1. I love the pink tint this lip balm gives. It looks so pretty and natural on your lips! :D


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