Saturday, May 21, 2011

The *ultimate* Forester Licensure Exam Review and RareJob


I’m a fresh graduate and currently enrolled in a review for an upcoming board exam.
I'm one of them.. can you find me?:)) Last April 26, 2011--Freedom Park

Last week I was taking it slow in reviewing but this week I have to juggle my practice with it. I’m quite bored in my review and trying my best not to fall asleep—I now picked seating on the front row table so that I can force myself not to doze off—but it’s no use. I only find myself really, really listening to the discussion when something roused my curiosity (I know I must listen to the resource person because this is for my own sake). YES, I want the “For.” title before my name, I therefore conclude the month of June will surely be the ultimate review month, ha!  *crossed fingers* 

Exam schedule.D:
BTW, we’re reviewing at TREES in CFNR (College of Forestry and Natural Resources) and other reviewers from different colleges/universities. We are more or less 55 people and like 30%-40% of it comprise the reviewers from different schools in different parts of our country, isn’t it cool? I mean, the number of outsiders reviewing here for the licensure exam is increasing (compared to the number of outsiders who reviewed last year) and this reviewing thing could be a good business.. hehehe, kidding.:D

On the other hand, we really thank our (outstanding) professors for sharing tips for the board exam and their experiences; at least I know where to start somehow: start digging my piles of notes, handouts and manuals when I was still one of the undergraduates.

Gah. I’ve been bumming for the last few months and I felt like a living dead, and quite used to the ‘lifestyle’ (uh, the irony). Now that all my schedule have been filled up, I feel like alive and somewhat of worth. It feels good to be back in elbi (LB= Los Baños, Laguna).

Oh BTW, I started to be a RareJob tutor! It’s fun meeting REAL Japanese people—even if it’s only online. It feels good to be really teaching, will I consider teaching  forestry-related subjects in the future? Hmm. 

Busy, busy end of the month! What I’m practicing has something to do with going to Bacolod (will have an update soon of it next week); I’m quite excited and nervous at the same time. I hope it goes well.

I hope you also have a fun May guys. It's already end of the month and I can already smell back-to-school blues.:D


  1. Hoping and praying for your success!

    ~Hessed Joy

  2. Thanks Hessed joy! *cross fingers* :)

  3. Hi.. my friend is taking the Forestry board exam this year but couldn't afford the REVIEW CLASS at UPLB. will you be kind enough to sell the hand outs that you used for your review?. Thanks.


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