Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June: Hair Cut

(Aren't this month the start of the mid-year sales?:D)

It's already June and I have to get my ass off my laptop and start my very own 'personal' review for the board exam but --as you can see-- I'm here typing

Anyway, I hope I can finish reviewing before the end of June.(and finishing my requirements for June 20!) errr.

This month, I plan to:
1. Post progressive reviews on the lip balms that I love.
2. Review for the board exam.
3. Update on the Bacolod travel.
4. Earn money while reviewing.   > Already doing it!:D
5. Have a new haircut.
6. Ready my next batch of item reviews for the month of July.:)

Okay, at least I'm already doing one of the five items above. bleargh.

About my hair cut, these are the hairstyles I'm aiming for (because I wore my hair long for the past 4 years and it's really hot nowadays..) :

DISCLAIMER!! These are NOT my pictures, I google-d them and now I forgot the direct link to where I got them. I saved the pictures for reference. :<

Bob cut style A

Bob cut style B

Bob Style C

Aren't they purdy? *u* Well, they (the haircut) almost look the same but not really.. the length of the layers made a big difference on the haircuts.. I've chosen the first style but I like the bangs of the second, and my boyfriend likes the third hair cut.D: What do you think?:)

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