Thursday, August 11, 2011

DreamGirl Eye Shadow Quattro


I was curious of the 4U2 cosmetics that can be seen in Watsons at SM malls or on the beauty sections of SM Department stores here in the Philippines. I was always lurking at their stall and looking at their eye shadows because they're so pigmented (and glittery!). Yesterday (though feeling ill) I went to SM and lurk once more. I did not plan to buy anything that day but I suddenly thought of what I should wear at my oath taking next thursday (yes, I passed the board exam, yeeeeeey!). I thought of wearing gold makeup because it's not everyday that you can wear gold in your eyes and this is one heck special occasion next to graduation.:)

Being picky and thrifty, I choose something less than Php200. Then I stumbled upon DreamGirl Eyeshadow Quad in number 1. I guess they should have named it "color me gold", hehe. Anyway, the first impression as you go near the booth is this: "Perfect makeup for beginner/high school." Why? because their designs are more appealing to youngsters and it really looked "toys for the girls", haha. But testing their cosmetics will give you a surprise: their pigmentation is no joke! So before eating every space in this entry with my endless rant, let me introduce you to my little new friend: DreamGirl:
Even with the name itself, "DreamGirl", sounds like it's really catering for the youngsters. I guess the name is just.. unappealing to me? Haha--anyway--moving on..

The Quattro still sealed.:)

Good thing this has expiration date. So I'll just check my blog entries for reference. LOL

And the price is...

Because I'm lazy like that. Lol. Please make reading a habit when buying things.;) Yes, it contains paraben. I won't be using this on daily basis so I guess that would be okay.

Time to see the DreamGirl!:D


Front view

Back view

Now the inner portion of the Eye shadow Quattro. :)
The highlighter for the browbone.

The Gold color.:D

The brown color for the outer-V

Lighter shade of yellow/gold for the inner corners of the eyes

This quad is very shimmery so with flash, they reflect light.

And because I'm so excited with the Eye shadow Quattro (Quattro means 4), I did a quick look using it for just my right eye. HEHEHE.

Items used:
  • DreamGirl Eye Shadow Quattro in number 1
  • Avon Glimmer stick eyeliner in Black
  • In2it Waterproof eyeliner pen
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) in Sin
>>Sorry for the oily face, I did not put any foundation/powder prior to putting the eye makeup. I really just did my eye makeup; I did not wore mascara for this because I'll take this off right away.:)
Gold cannot be seen easily here because of room lighting plus I am tanned now, so.. hehehe. (Without flash)

With flash (pardon my ungroomed eyebrows)

No flash but in LED lightning.

My eyelashes have glitters.O.O

Yes, I only did my right eye.HAHA, Lazy.P:

Haha. The beginner needs more practice. Time to do some before the oath taking! :D

The Verdict:
I cannot say any conclusion right now because I haven't done any 'test drive' for this look. But right now I'm super happy because it's pigmented and you can blend it easily.:D

--oh, be careful of the fall offs. It can mess your whole make up, mine just did.D: I'll be careful next time.:(

That's the end of the long post, thanks for reading~!:)

*update here*


  1. nice make-up <3 thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you for dropping by! haha, sorry for the late reply.*sob I hope you can see my updated post about here:

      Thank youuu! <3

  2. I love the shades of this! Good thing you did a review on a nice ES yet affordable. <3

    Followed! :D

    Much love,

    1. Thank you Andia!<3 Hope you can also see my update on this. :D

  3. nice blog! thanks for the review, i wanted to try this out as well :)


    1. Thank you Miss Chinchin! I hope you'll enjoy it when you get one. :)
      You also have a nice blog. *follows*

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