Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sleek True Color Lipstick Review


After giving pictures after pictures without proper review, I will now present to you a review of the Sleek haul I did last time.

This time, I will give a review of the Sleek True Color Lipstick I had which are:


First, our swatches for the three gorgeous colors and their First Impression:


Vixen is a warm undertone of red. This is my FIRST red lippie with warm undertone and it really made my teeth look whiter when applied. The application on my lips was smooth but tends to bleed fast..better get your lipliner ready!

It is very light and can easily be smudged but the color payoff was incredible. Just one swipe and you'll get an intense red, another swipe will give you the true color of Vixen and will TOTALLY cover your true lip color. When it fades, it will still give you a hint of red, like a stain.:)

Bare All:

I was looking for the perfect nude color for warm undertones and I thought Bare All will give that to me...NOT. I was disappointed.  I am prepared to give it to my sister but then when I put this as a base and mixed this to my two other lippies.. I achieved the PERFECT NUDE lips that I wanted! Maybe I'll tell you next time the combination of the colors.:D

Consistency is thick and a little bit drying, better get your lip balms especially to girls with dry lips.



I am VERY AFRAID to try loud colors because of my skin tone (NC35-40 for Mac Studio Fix). I always have the notion that loud colors are for fairer skin tone. I was DELIGHTFULLY mistaken! The truth was, when I heard about Sleek (while reading the forums), MYSTIC is one of 'the topics'. I don't know why I am so intrigued by it so it was first on my list. When I first got it, I was scared that I have wasted my money (again) and just followed the hype. I am so happy that when I tried it, it suits me perfectly! It's on the pinkish side and it definitely suits me. 

Consistency is between Vixen and Bare All. It doesn't look too matte on me, it has a little bit of shine. It is not drying and when it fades.. it gives your lips a nice tinge of pink! Just one swipe is all you need because it's so opaque. 

The Verdict:

I love the Sleek Lipsticks! I am waiting for OMG, Peaches and Cream, Papaya Punch and Naked (the perks of having a cousin in London)! :))

You can save a lot on these lipsticks. It's very opaque and it is really made for women/men of colors. I highly recommend Mystic and Vixen to yellow undertone people. Mystic is for those who like loud colors.. I would also recommend Mystic to those who are afraid to try colors, you'll not regret it!:) 

The staying power is also really good. I've tried Mystic the whole day and it only faded a little when I ate. After that, it's still good, no lippie retouch the whole day! (I like that part of it the most because I am a very lazy

I am also particular with the smell of the lispticks I am going to use; Sleek lippies having NO smell at all and it earns a big point from me.

Will I buy it again?


I hope you enjoyed this very long post. See you'all soon! Will try to update this blog more.:)


  1. vixen is such a beautiful red! it looks great :]

    1. thank you Vicky! You also should try it. :D


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