Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I want to do this someday. I just want to share to you people the happy feeling I've felt watching these vids.. It made me a little teary-eyed because of inspiration.:)

Let's MOVE
                                               and EAT.

Life's beautiful. 

Find it in youtube:




Monday, August 15, 2011

Designer Classic Alternatives (DCA) Long Wearing Lipstick fron France (Swatch)


Ohai guys~!*v*

I just copy-pasted the post found in ShoppingVictory's Ebay. I bought (bid for) a lot of 5 lipsticks and sadly, I did not won the bid.. BUT I was given the second chance for buying what I bid for.:D

I bought this lot of 5 lippies for Php370.00
I haven't seen any reviews of it online (or I wasn't looking hard enough) and I hope I can find someone out there who have tried this. LOL
Anyway, before anything else, thank you ShoppingVictory for the freebies! 
Here are the freebies that I got:

Here's the swatch for the Lot of 5 DCA  (Designer Classic Alternatives) that I got:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DreamGirl Eye Shadow Quattro


I was curious of the 4U2 cosmetics that can be seen in Watsons at SM malls or on the beauty sections of SM Department stores here in the Philippines. I was always lurking at their stall and looking at their eye shadows because they're so pigmented (and glittery!). Yesterday (though feeling ill) I went to SM and lurk once more. I did not plan to buy anything that day but I suddenly thought of what I should wear at my oath taking next thursday (yes, I passed the board exam, yeeeeeey!). I thought of wearing gold makeup because it's not everyday that you can wear gold in your eyes and this is one heck special occasion next to graduation.:)

Being picky and thrifty, I choose something less than Php200. Then I stumbled upon DreamGirl Eyeshadow Quad in number 1. I guess they should have named it "color me gold", hehe. Anyway, the first impression as you go near the booth is this: "Perfect makeup for beginner/high school." Why? because their designs are more appealing to youngsters and it really looked "toys for the girls", haha. But testing their cosmetics will give you a surprise: their pigmentation is no joke! So before eating every space in this entry with my endless rant, let me introduce you to my little new friend: DreamGirl:
Even with the name itself, "DreamGirl", sounds like it's really catering for the youngsters. I guess the name is just.. unappealing to me? Haha--anyway--moving on..

The Quattro still sealed.:)

Good thing this has expiration date. So I'll just check my blog entries for reference. LOL

And the price is...

Because I'm lazy like that. Lol. Please make reading a habit when buying things.;) Yes, it contains paraben. I won't be using this on daily basis so I guess that would be okay.

Time to see the DreamGirl!:D


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wanting my Own Beauty Book


Sorry for the late updates and other reviews not yet posted, still busy with other stuff like "Job Hunting" Gaah..
This image is NOT mine. Visit neutrakris.com because this is hers. Maybe I'll have mine soon. :)

Anyway, while surfing the net after online job hunting, I've seen this review about ELF's Little Black Beauty Book and I was thrilled! Now I want mine too. Maybe I'll get mine next week. He-he.

Do you have new things you want to buy this month? :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Evolution of Smooth: Lip Sphere


Hope you did not caught colds or something from last week's rain. D: It's hard to get sick at this time of the year where classes are going on or there are tons of work to do. I also hope you all are safe since I've heard there are still parts of our country experiencing flood--which also means heavy traffic, houses filled with water/properties destroyed, people having a really hard time.:( I hope you're all lucky enough as I do to have not experience flood. We live somewhere in Cavite near Tagaytay that's why we don't experience flood. *A*

Anyway, something to cheer you up.. as promised, the EOS review!:D Sorry guys if it took me forever to post this, still juggling everything I need to do.T^T

My EOS and other things for review (bought from shopgirl19). Remember my post last time?:D Now I got one of the babies rolling! *ehem*

I’ll make this short and quick—since I’m just taking a break from reviewing for the exam, again—hehehe. EOS site can be seen here and all the basic things you should know about their product.

Friday, June 24, 2011

What I got last month.


I know I have tons of reviews to finish. This is just an addition to the growing list of reviews I need to accomplish.D:

Sealed and packed nicely. If you're wondering where I bought these, I bought it from shopgirl19.multiply.com because so far, she have the lowest price on these items (at the time I ordered my items).:D

Do you want to know the other items for sale where I got these items? Visit http://shopgirl19.multiply.com/ now! She's friendly and accommodates you fast.:)

I'm excited to use these items~! *must calm down* Actually, I've already started using one of the items here.

Want to know which item?

Hint: I love holding the product because of it's rubberized covering! hee-hee.

Bye for now, I swear I'll make it up for you guys.:)

Keep safe and warm,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stress Reliever


A little break from reviewing. I just need this happy energy. :) Enjoy~!

Keep safe and warm,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June: Hair Cut

(Aren't this month the start of the mid-year sales?:D)

It's already June and I have to get my ass off my laptop and start my very own 'personal' review for the board exam but --as you can see-- I'm here typing this..lol

Anyway, I hope I can finish reviewing before the end of June.(and finishing my requirements for June 20!) errr.

This month, I plan to:
1. Post progressive reviews on the lip balms that I love.
2. Review for the board exam.
3. Update on the Bacolod travel.
4. Earn money while reviewing.   > Already doing it!:D
5. Have a new haircut.
6. Ready my next batch of item reviews for the month of July.:)

Okay, at least I'm already doing one of the five items above. bleargh.

About my hair cut, these are the hairstyles I'm aiming for (because I wore my hair long for the past 4 years and it's really hot nowadays..) :

DISCLAIMER!! These are NOT my pictures, I google-d them and now I forgot the direct link to where I got them. I saved the pictures for reference. :<

Bob cut style A

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The *ultimate* Forester Licensure Exam Review and RareJob


I’m a fresh graduate and currently enrolled in a review for an upcoming board exam.
I'm one of them.. can you find me?:)) Last April 26, 2011--Freedom Park

Last week I was taking it slow in reviewing but this week I have to juggle my practice with it. I’m quite bored in my review and trying my best not to fall asleep—I now picked seating on the front row table so that I can force myself not to doze off—but it’s no use. I only find myself really, really listening to the discussion when something roused my curiosity (I know I must listen to the resource person because this is for my own sake). YES, I want the “For.” title before my name, I therefore conclude the month of June will surely be the ultimate review month, ha!  *crossed fingers* 

Exam schedule.D:
BTW, we’re reviewing at TREES in CFNR (College of Forestry and Natural Resources) and other reviewers from different colleges/universities. We are more or less 55 people and like 30%-40% of it comprise the reviewers from different schools in different parts of our country, isn’t it cool? I mean, the number of outsiders reviewing here for the licensure exam is increasing (compared to the number of outsiders who reviewed last year) and this reviewing thing could be a good business.. hehehe, kidding.:D

On the other hand, we really thank our (outstanding) professors for sharing tips for the board exam and their experiences; at least I know where to start somehow: start digging my piles of notes, handouts and manuals when I was still one of the undergraduates.

For those who don't like Skype version 5.


I just 'googled' the image. Can't remember where exactly I got this.:<
I don't like the new version of Skype.  :<

Luckily, you can uninstall your new version of Skype and revert back to the old Skype Version 4 by downloading it here and installing it.

I like the older version of Skype because I teach online. My co-tutor(s) don't find it helpful for our jobs. When i got the version 5, I was horrified. :)) I just don't like the UI (user interface).

It's really lucky that you can revert back to your old version unlike Facebook where you're stuck in the new version and you have no choice but to deal with it.:/

I hope this helps to those who are looking for the old version of Skype.:)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Look what arrived last week!


Trying out my newly reformatted laptop.

My laptop was reformatted because of the unknown virus and the unboxing pictures of the items I received last week were all erased/un-backed-up. T^T  So here’s  mister polar bear to show you one of the item that arrived last week. I’m currently ‘road-testing’ this little red-rounded-rubbery-baby. Isn’t she cute? :P

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Vs Majolica Majorca Lash Expander


Okay, I'll have a Majolica Majorca Lash Expander review soon~! (I bought this for my graduation since I've read good reviews about it)

I haven't bought any makeup removers since I can use baby oil for my old waterproof mascara but after buying Majolica Majorca Lash Expander  and  Mac Studio Fix (which I think is the culprit for my recent clogged pores) so I am now in search for good (and CHEAP!) makeup remover.

I've read at MakeupAlley other reviews about Vaseline petroleum jelly as mascara remover so I've tried this since I already have one on hand.

*Warning: Loaded with pictures.*

On the red corner, the stubborn and hardworking Majolica Majorca Lash Expander~!

Left eye with Majolica Majorca Lash Expander
Right eye with Majolica Majorca Lash Expander 
 and on the blue corner, the challenger for the makeup remover duty, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly~!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yummy salad afternoon.

This is made by my brother a month ago, and if I remembered it
correctly, its life didn't last more than 15 minutes. Haha!

Made by my youngest brother, Joshua. Photographed by my younger sister, Itey.

Ingredients: Lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, mangoes and bread topped with Parmesan cheese and
honey mustard dressing.

Hope you can try this at home, it's really delicious and... guilt-free! XD

Upcoming Review: Skin Hour

Trying out my sister's new lens. It turned out duh-ruh-ma-tic.

CG meets Lip Ice (now in the Philippines!)

At first, I'm not totally aware of taking care of my skin, face, etc.

I don't even have my own daily skin routine! Then (influenced by magazines, tv commercials and friends) I started reading blogs, watching other Vlogs or tutorials that made me 'aah, boy I need that'. The closest thing I got to taking care of my skin (other than taking a bath--err) is putting on lotion (cricket sound on the BG). Maybe it's also because I am blessed with good skin (I mean pimples are never a problem only when I'm going to have my monthly period) and my mom is always on freaking alert mode whenever we (my siblings and I) think of buying other stuff to put on. My mom always tells us that our skin is too young to be bombarded with harsh chemicals thus I only understand that I should put moisturizer on my face and neck at age of 20 (I'm not kidding).

Now that I'm getting way older and started to notice my skin is not as 'good' as before (thank you, insomnia and stress) I started to put on things I need (yes! prevention is better than cure).

One of my face problems now (like dark under eye circles, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.) is chapped lips. My lips are not as healthy-looking as before, also blame this to lack of water consumption. Anyway, years back, I've noticed I'm not as convinced with Chapsticks as before and started to look for something else and lately I'm starting to buy different lip balms/lip conditioners.

***DISCLAIMER: I'm not paid by Lip Ice for the product review. Everything in this post (and future posts) is my own opinion and without bias. THANK YOU.:)***

Yesterday, while I was strolling in MOA (Mall of Asia) with my friend, a promo girl gave me a pamphlet of a new product: LIP ICE. Curious, we went to their booth and tried their product.

After trying some, I swore to buy more of it! I think I've started to be lip-balm/conditioner-crazy since I've been buying lip balms/conditioners every month.O.O

(If you're confused about lip balm and lip conditioner, here's a helpful blog for you.)

So here's the product I bought (pink colored theme~!):

According to one of the assistants, this is their best seller. It comes with strawberry and unscented.
I can't wait to use it so it's already opened, just forgot to take a picture
of it unopened so I did put it back.lol

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hair Extension Review: Fringe and Romantic Curls.


 For my second entry I'll be making a review.

That's right! A review about what I have purchased recently (like a month ago, it took a lot of self-control not to buy hair extensions but I DID! Fail. Oh well). I really want to try full fringe (bangs) but I'm afraid the hairstylist will cut it too short for me and I'm also afraid that full bangs won't suit me so when I stumbled upon some pictures of bangs extension of Miss Alodia (another picture here) I want to give it a try (just for a peace of mind).

I searched online and fringe extension costs around Php300-600 plus! I'm a cheapstake so I tried to search a cheaper one. I then met Ms. Francine who sells really cheap hair extensions, including fringes! (she's really patient and replies to your queries fast) What I bought is not human hair though because human hair extensions are quite expensive. At first I was hesitant to buy since it may look too fake; but because I have some experience on buying online I read comments/testimonials and pictures of the clients wearing the products. I'm convinced---too convinced that I also ordered for curly romantic hair extension!

I don't have very thick hair like before since my hair started to fallout 2 years ago so while looking for my HG (I think I found it, will make a review of it soon) I think the hair extension will help me have voluminous hair without suffocating my hair with more hair products on special occasions. Okay, enough about this and I'll show you the fringe and curly extension I bought in natural black. It also go with other colors so ask Ms. Francine if you're interested.:)

Here's "before" clipping in the fringe and long curls extension I bought.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First entry that lacks creativity


Ding! Ding! Ding! I just got an idea.:D I got this photo here.

It took me forever to come up with  my url name (cluttergenius.blogspot.com); now I'm taking up infinity for my first entry, not a good start. :(

ClutterG (CG) needs a trip to Creativity Ville.  I got this photo here.

This is because:
1. I'm still thinking of what my blog would look like.
2. I'm still figuring out my way in blogspot.
3. Everything is unplanned, I was checking a blog and was like: 'hey, I can't read a review until I'm one of the bloggers, guuuuuh' So I made my own.
4. I still don't know to whom I'm going to write for.
5. I still don't know what my blogs will contain (reviews, random rants, etc.)

Okay, screw it. I'll do whatever I want.
*EDIT* August 17, 2011
This started to get my attention:
I mean, seriously?
So I started to get the question: WHY is my first post popular?
I guess you guys are having the same problem that I have.
After reading online tutorials (on how, what, why to blog), I've decided to answer the questions I asked myself (above) a few months back. Also, because people started to look up at this post quite often, I guess you deserve a better post to read than a crappy "First post that lacks Creativity"

Why ClutterGenius? Why not use your real name or like "name here Diaries" or "name here Confessions" or the like?
  • It describes 10% of my personality. I took the name from my room. You'll know exactly what I mean when you see my room at home, it's a mess but I know where my things are. he-he
  • I just like two opposing words that when joined together, they perfectly fit to describe something/someone.
  • I plan to hide my real identity online.
  • This is not a diary/confession of any sort. I plan to just share my insights of other things.
Why did you choose Jin as your pen name?
  • Because that's what my boyfriend calls me. He saw a picture of me 6-8 years back and I was chubby/fat. He called me "Majinbu" from the anime Dragon ball-z (because of my transition of being fat to thin--but not super thin.) I'm not as scary as Majinbu---well, sometimes. To make it short, he calls me "Jin".
  • "Jin" also means human in nippongo (I forgot from what book I read it from) and "Gold" in Chinese.

1.  What my blog should look like?
  • I want it something that will show some of my personality without exposing my 'real 'self offline.
  • I want it simple and easy to navigate through. I will look for sometime to figure blogspot out until I can come up to my desired blog theme/look. If can't do this, maybe I'll switch to tumblr or the other blogging sites.

2.   I'm still figuring my way in blogspot.
  • I know some "super" basics in HTML from highschool and now I'm relearning everything. I don't want to pay for someone to customize my site because I know I can do it myself. I'm still looking up for tutorials. It will be nice to get some help from fellow bloggers. 
  • I have accounts from Xanga and other blogsites before, but that was way back in highschool and I just want to erase everything because I'm not active at those sites anymore (plus everything I shared there was almost all about ranting).

3.   I made my own blog so I can read others'
  • I want to learn more from others. I love reading reviews. I guess it won't hurt giving my own.

4.   I still don't know to whom I'm going to write for.
  • I want to write for people with the same passion as mine. 
  • I like using makeup, traveling, reading books and blogs, reading mangas, eating and drawing. I just started to get curious of makeup around 2008 and I've started to build my own collection. Back in highschool, I collect comics and mangas. In college I start collecting magazines and artworks so I can use it as reference in my drawings. Recently, I started to learn how to take care of my skin (because I don't bother about it) and how to prettify on occasions (when needed).

5.  I still don't know what my blogs will contain (reviews, random rants, etc.)
  • I want to share reviews from makeup (discoveries), random rants, foods, places I've been, books I've read--almost everything! 
  • I also want to have a Tree Of the Month (TOM) section where I can put the significance of a tree found here in the Philippines--just spreading information about the trees you can plant, take care of AND in return, help mother nature and our future descendants.

In the end, I'll be blogging things I like. Because blogging is a way for me to relieve some stress and hone my skills while I'm still looking for work.:D

with that, I HTH (Hope That Helps) in creating your own blog.
Good luck~!

PS. Always remember, Google is your friend! (Or Search Engines are your friends.lol)


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