Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sleek True Color Lipstick Review


After giving pictures after pictures without proper review, I will now present to you a review of the Sleek haul I did last time.

This time, I will give a review of the Sleek True Color Lipstick I had which are:


Sleek Collection Update (Sleek Haul I and II)


 Recently I have been hauling a LOT of Sleek products and I will show you my collection today.

I will have  separate review for these products. I hope you'll enjoy the pics~!:)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Life Updates - Calling out Volunteer Tree Panters

Hello World!

How's your life in the past few months? Mine have been totally busy after resigning on my first job.

Yes, I resigned. I was working for a mapping department on a private company (Asiatype Inc.) as a GIS (Geographic Information System) Specialist. To give you an overview of what I did, we are simply doing road maps--on your GPS device.:) 

Some of my students in RareJob think it's cool. Yes, I have to admit, it's cool and fun at the same time but the environment in the office is something not enticing for me; plus the travel (I travel almost 4-5 hours a day) made me sick and very unhealthy. I lost so much weight. I also did not have much time for RareJob after going home since I am totally tired after the travel.

I did not see myself doing it in the near future, GIS is a minor subject in college, it was fun but I wanted to practice what I learned in college.

I resigned on my first job. I think that career path is not for me. I feel there is something missing, I feel there is something more that I can do.

Luckily, when I resigned, there is a vacant slot for a government department which is just 5 minutes walk from my home (isn't it awesome?! no more travel fees..hehe).

Now I am working as a contractual (Extension Officer) to the government under the NGP (National Greening Program)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Bacolod Adventure II + Nature's Village Resort Review


This is the second part of the Bacolod trip/competition last year.

The flight to Bacolod was not comfortable. There was slight turbulence and we are quite worried since we have heard that it was raining hard at Bacolod airport. My boyfriend was hungry already but was waiting patiently for us at the airport. I know it was quite uncomfortable for him at that moment, waiting at a place he has never been before--while it's raining hard.

We arrived past 10:00pm in Bacolod; before we had our flight in Manila (to Bacolod),  I was already exchanging text messages with the customer service personnel of the hotel we had reservations with. 

We have heard that at Bacolod, taxis might not be available after 10:00pm. It's not like Manila where you can have a cab 24/7; here there's still this peak time and off peak time of cabs.  Especially now that it was raining hard, we overheard some passengers (probably a locale of Bacolod) that it would be very hard to get a cab in this rain and time. Good thing Nature's Village Resort's personnel was very accommodating. They suggested a car (big enough for 4 persons with big bags) to pick us up from the airport to the hotel for P600 (more or less). It's really no big deal for us to pay the fee since it's raining and we really wanted to get our ass on our comfy warm rooms right now.

The ride from the airport was comfortable even though we were quite drenched because of the rain (we got a dose of rain shower while loading our things in the car). The ride took us 15-20minutes (without traffic) to our hotel. When we get there, the worst greeted us on the face: brownout.:l

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Hair Story I


Have you read my newest post? Yes, I'll be continuing the next part of the Bacolod Adventure with a review of the hotel where we stayed! Please wait for it.:) For now, I'll be telling you my hair story.

*WARNING*: This story might be too long for you to read and might bore you to death. Read at your own risk.

When I was 7years old to 11 year old (grade school days), my Aunt (my mother's sister) used to pay for our haircuts---yes, HAIRCUT. It's not trimming, my  hair was as short as a pixie cut. My Aunt's reason was because we were still 'kiddos' who doesn't care about hair that much, so we (I) ought to have a very short hair. When I was 4-6 years old, I used to have chin to shoulder length hair. I still remember that I always have braided hair or pig tails, but when I started to learn to play--I mean to play like a boy--running around, going everywhere without a care what my appearance is, my aunt thought it's time to cut it really short.

I was not affected by hair commercials when I was younger (early grade school years). I always use JJ Baby Shampoo. My older cousin commented on our (my sister and I) hair since she told us our hair was shiny and soft.

Image is not mine. This picture is from this link.
 I do not understand the "importance" of having a shiny and soft hair at that age. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

DreamGirl Eye Shadow Quattro UPDATE


As I have no "verdict" part on my DreamGirl Eye Shadow Quattro post before, I would like to post some pictures for this part and a conclusion to seal the review. 

Things to take note of:
  • I have extremely oily eyelids
  • I used UDPP in Sin  for my eyelids
  • I only went to Manila hotel (which has good air-conditioned environment) BUT after the oath taking I found myself walking around outside Manila Hotel for Taxi since almost everyone who came there commuted.
  • I found my face sweating a bit after the 'short' walk.
  • I did not retouch my makeup.
  • I applied my makeup around 8-9am. I need to get to the venue at 12nn or 1pm. I came from (Trece Martires City) Cavite going to Manila Hotel (just to emphasize how long I've been wearing this) 

Here are the photos where I have used the said mini palette:

*Warning: pictures-bombarded-post*

I have borrowed my sister's camera for this, thus the pictures are way better than the last post.:)

Day: Thursday, August 18, 2011 *uhh, last year >_<*
Time: 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon
Place: Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Roxas Blvd. Manila 

My face still looked fresh since I did not sweat and my oily face was still under control.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bacolod Adventure I


WARNING: A year old review/story that I think is worth writing about.. I've been saving this for a loooooong time in the draft section. I guess it really time to publish this before it's second

I said I'll be having a quick trip to Bacolod before my board exam right? This is the reason why: me and my teammates represented our university on the recent POC-PSC National Games held in Silay, Bacolod. Our team played for the archery event.:D

Anyway, our flight in Cebu Pacific was supposedly May 24, 2011 at 5:25pm. I was at the airport at 3:30pm and I waited for my two more team mates to arrive. Half an hour before the flight, it was announced that our flight was delayed (because the plane made a trip in Gensan, Mindanao). I thought it was okay as long as we get in Bacolod that day and not the next day.

To our horror, our flight was moved to 8:00pm, but around 6:00pm it started to be really cloudy. At 7:00pm it started to rain--hard. The rain stopped around 8:00pm so we cheered because hopefully we can safely fly, but no, we were VERY wrong. The airbus that we're waiting for was still NOT landing! WTH. We're also starving! At this very moment we should be at our hotel booked in Bacolod. AARGH.

Maybe they heard our stomach growling. HEHE

How to put "Reply" button on comments section


Being so busy with other stuff, I am still a total noob when it comes to editing/formatting my own blog. Thank goodness you can ask everything on Google! Currently I did this step by step and it took me less than 5 minutes to do this. I know this can help for future commenters, since I can reply faster to anyone who asks/inquire/shares thoughts. :)

Sleek Haul part I


I know it's been a long time since I updated my blog, I really quite busy with other things. Now that I am having *some* free time, I will update this blog with the things I have been using lately. So before we start with the things I have bought and ready to review, may I ask how was your vacation? YES, vacation officially ends now; rainy (and back to school) season is here. Are you ladies ready for your back-to-school week? I hope  you'll have a good school year ahead!:) 

Now, time for our Sleek haul!:)
I have been eyeing this drugstore brand from UK from quite sometime now (since reading good reviews online and from GirlTalk). Now that an opportunity of sale and free shipping arrived, I have muttered:

 "I. MUST."

So ladies, hold on to your seat as I present to you.. my Sleek Haul~!

This is my first Sleek Haul: Sunset Palette, Flamingo and Pomegranate blush, True Color Lipstick in Mystic (matte)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Human Heart Nature Discount


I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. :(
I've been using different products for awhile and testing them at the same time.
Anyway, how are you? Have you been busy lately?

I have been very busy with work and other stuff. 
I also have recently became a dealer of HumanHeartNature!
I have been using their products for more than a year now.. almost two years, but
I only started to became a dealer yesterday.
Do you want to try their products?
They are having a 10% off Discount up to August 2012:

If you are already a buyer, you can try using this voucher.
Just print this and fill up the required information then present it to the branch near you.
Or contact the HumanHeartNature Customer service to know 
how to use the voucher if you're buying online:)
I hope you enjoy their product as much as I enjoy it.:D

See you very soon!:)


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