Monday, August 15, 2011

Designer Classic Alternatives (DCA) Long Wearing Lipstick fron France (Swatch)


Ohai guys~!*v*

I just copy-pasted the post found in ShoppingVictory's Ebay. I bought (bid for) a lot of 5 lipsticks and sadly, I did not won the bid.. BUT I was given the second chance for buying what I bid for.:D

I bought this lot of 5 lippies for Php370.00
I haven't seen any reviews of it online (or I wasn't looking hard enough) and I hope I can find someone out there who have tried this. LOL
Anyway, before anything else, thank you ShoppingVictory for the freebies! 
Here are the freebies that I got:

Here's the swatch for the Lot of 5 DCA  (Designer Classic Alternatives) that I got:

DCA No. 110 Can be compared to LANCôME Sepia (the box says)

DCA No. 109 Can be compared to LANCôME Brun Moderne (the box says)

DCA No. 108 Can be compared to LANCô ME Brun Fusain (the box says)

DCA No. 123 Can be compared to LANCôME Naif (the box says)

DCA No. 112 Can be compared to LANCôME Bare Buff (the box says)

To sum it up, it does have nice colors (I haven't tested it if it's long-wearing), but I have problems with the smell. I don't like the strong 'default' smell of other lippies. To tell you frankly, it smells like old lipsticks I found on my older aunt's left over makeups--and I'm getting worried if these lippies are expired--or maybe it's just me.D:
I forgot to add that these lippies are drying. So don't forget to use your favorite lipbalm/lipconditioners before using these! (The freebies lipliner were drying too.)

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  1. beautiful shades, but they look drying. and oh if the smell is kinda off, there's a big possibility that those are expired lippies.

  2. Thank you Hollie!:) yes, the shades are very nice and drying! (oh, I forgot to add that to my post.hehe) It worries me if they are still okay to use, or maybe it's just me because I really have sensitive nose. My sister agreed that it smells like old lippies, like our mom's 80's lippies but she told me it smells tolerable. So far, there's no allergic reactions of any sort after swatching these. I really want to use these.D:

  3. Omg i love all colors

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  4. when yan maeexpire? bibili sana aq :)

    1. Hello! Sorry for the super late reply! :( isa nga yon sa pinoproblema ko nung binili ko to eh, I can't see any expiration date.:(


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