Friday, April 22, 2011

Hair Extension Review: Fringe and Romantic Curls.


 For my second entry I'll be making a review.

That's right! A review about what I have purchased recently (like a month ago, it took a lot of self-control not to buy hair extensions but I DID! Fail. Oh well). I really want to try full fringe (bangs) but I'm afraid the hairstylist will cut it too short for me and I'm also afraid that full bangs won't suit me so when I stumbled upon some pictures of bangs extension of Miss Alodia (another picture here) I want to give it a try (just for a peace of mind).

I searched online and fringe extension costs around Php300-600 plus! I'm a cheapstake so I tried to search a cheaper one. I then met Ms. Francine who sells really cheap hair extensions, including fringes! (she's really patient and replies to your queries fast) What I bought is not human hair though because human hair extensions are quite expensive. At first I was hesitant to buy since it may look too fake; but because I have some experience on buying online I read comments/testimonials and pictures of the clients wearing the products. I'm convinced---too convinced that I also ordered for curly romantic hair extension!

I don't have very thick hair like before since my hair started to fallout 2 years ago so while looking for my HG (I think I found it, will make a review of it soon) I think the hair extension will help me have voluminous hair without suffocating my hair with more hair products on special occasions. Okay, enough about this and I'll show you the fringe and curly extension I bought in natural black. It also go with other colors so ask Ms. Francine if you're interested.:)

Here's "before" clipping in the fringe and long curls extension I bought.

Now here's "after" clipping the hair extensions.<3
Sadly, I don't have pictures of it on without flash or in indoor lighting/natural lighting. 

Material: Japanese fiber synthetic.

Damage: Php 850 for the romantic curls in 22"/ 5 clips
              Php 280 for the clip on fringe
              (excluding shipping fee)

What I love about it:
  • Both the fringe and romantic curls are super soft!
  • Not entirely super-shinny. Other wigs/extension on local department stores tend to be super shinny to the point that it screams "imma fake hair! hurhurhur!". The extension I got is shiny but it still looks natural in broad daylight.
  • I love the color! Its color blends EXACTLY with my hair. That's number one concern that was keeping me from buying it the first time. I'm afraid that it will look ridiculously darker or lighter than my hair. Just imagine my relief when I wore these.
  • Cheap for the fringe and curly romantic extensions! (it's one whole 22" that can cover the entire head)
  • One curly romantic extension is enough to make my hair look voluminous! happy!:3
  • It's very easy to use! For a first timer like me, I didn't even break a sweat putting it on and removing it.

What I don't like about it:
(well, it's not exactly what I don't like but it's more of my little concerns about it.)

  • It's shinny with flash and is noticeable (if you're too close to the camera like I did.:/) but it blends awesomely in natural light so I think it still is a steal for something affordable.:)
  • I find the fringe too thick for me but it is not really a problem since I have thinning scissors, ha!
  • The curly romantic extension can easily have knots so brush cautiously!
  • I still don't know what will happen to it after I wash it since I haven't used it for a long time (or is dirty enough) to have it washed. I have only gone as far as fitting it.:)

Will I recommend this?  
Definitely! It's affordable, easy to use, and it can change your look in seconds! Now I know that it's okay for me to have full bangs without risking my previous fringe.:)

I know it's pretty long for my first review, anyhow hope this helps!:D


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