Friday, June 8, 2012

DreamGirl Eye Shadow Quattro UPDATE


As I have no "verdict" part on my DreamGirl Eye Shadow Quattro post before, I would like to post some pictures for this part and a conclusion to seal the review. 

Things to take note of:
  • I have extremely oily eyelids
  • I used UDPP in Sin  for my eyelids
  • I only went to Manila hotel (which has good air-conditioned environment) BUT after the oath taking I found myself walking around outside Manila Hotel for Taxi since almost everyone who came there commuted.
  • I found my face sweating a bit after the 'short' walk.
  • I did not retouch my makeup.
  • I applied my makeup around 8-9am. I need to get to the venue at 12nn or 1pm. I came from (Trece Martires City) Cavite going to Manila Hotel (just to emphasize how long I've been wearing this) 

Here are the photos where I have used the said mini palette:

*Warning: pictures-bombarded-post*

I have borrowed my sister's camera for this, thus the pictures are way better than the last post.:)

Day: Thursday, August 18, 2011 *uhh, last year >_<*
Time: 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon
Place: Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Roxas Blvd. Manila 

My face still looked fresh since I did not sweat and my oily face was still under control.

Before Oath taking. Haven't styled my hair. No more time!:(

Oath taking~!

My co-Foresters!:) The two girls on the left side are my room mates during the board exam and my co-alumni.:) The girl beside me is our seatmate for the oath taking. :D

The following pictures are close-ups after the whole day activity. After the oath taking, we went to MOA
for dinner and little shopping.
By the time we reached home, it was already 11 in the evening.

I used a table lamp for this because plain room light is not enough. 

See, my In2it brow cake already faded. It's understandable, I have oily face.
My eyeshadows did not blend well, I used UDPP and it's harder to blend for me.
It feels like when you use Urban Decay's primer potion, it easily magnets the eyeshadow and sticks on it.
I'll also buy blending brush in the future!:D

I used K-Palette 24 Hr Real Lasting Eyeliner and it's the only eyeliner that stays on my lids ALL DAY LONG. Will do a review next time.:)

Back to DreamGirl Eye Shadow Quattro, it stayed all day long but the lightest color that I used for my ducts
already said goodbye. ;A;
The Good:
  • Very affordable;
  • Will stay the whole day WITH primer;
  • Pigmented;
  • Very nice for those who like glittery/shimmery e/s;
  • Can be blended easily--depending on the primer used;
  • Silky to touch
The Bad:
  • Prone to fall-offs
  • You should be careful on applying this because it could be messy
  • Eyeshadows tend to break easily if you drop your palette (mine just did)
  • Overwhelming shimmers

The Verdict:

I love the very affordable product! Be warned though, it will NOT STAY the whole day if you won't use a primer. Especially on oily face, it might only stay for a few hours. Be careful on applying the product because the fall offs will ruin your perfectly foundation-ed face.

Will I buy Again?

Maybe. Maybe not. Because I want to try something less glittery/shimmery. BUT I will encourage anyone who's on tight budget for makeup and likes shimmery/glittery shadows to buy this.:) Oh, I used it again on a cosplay Christmas party on my ducts and on my office mates as highligther.:) (December 2011)
Photo taken by my office mate.:)

I hope this helps!:) See you on my next blog post.:)

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