Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sleek Collection Update (Sleek Haul I and II)


 Recently I have been hauling a LOT of Sleek products and I will show you my collection today.

I will have  separate review for these products. I hope you'll enjoy the pics~!:)

The first batch of items are products from : I think I bought it around May when she had sale of Sleek products. I forgot how much each item was, but I think it was around P50-P70 less of the original price.. plus the FREE shipping in Multiply! Who couldn't resist buying at that time?T^T

The next group of pictures are bought from different sellers online (specifically from multiply where the free shipping promo was going on). I forgot the exact shops where I got the items because multiply suddenly cleared my "Orders" Tab so now I am at lost when or to whom I got the said products. But I remember getting my:

Now I am not sure but I think I got this:

from  (if my memory serves me

I am not sure where I bought this one:

I hope you enjoyed the detailed pictures! :) I have been doing the review of these items for a long time now and I just can't post it yet.:( 

There are TONS of other products that I have been trying and I really really wanted to do a review soon. (If my schedule permits me.Y^Y )

I hope you'll have a good weekend!

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