Sunday, June 26, 2011

Evolution of Smooth: Lip Sphere


Hope you did not caught colds or something from last week's rain. D: It's hard to get sick at this time of the year where classes are going on or there are tons of work to do. I also hope you all are safe since I've heard there are still parts of our country experiencing flood--which also means heavy traffic, houses filled with water/properties destroyed, people having a really hard time.:( I hope you're all lucky enough as I do to have not experience flood. We live somewhere in Cavite near Tagaytay that's why we don't experience flood. *A*

Anyway, something to cheer you up.. as promised, the EOS review!:D Sorry guys if it took me forever to post this, still juggling everything I need to do.T^T

My EOS and other things for review (bought from shopgirl19). Remember my post last time?:D Now I got one of the babies rolling! *ehem*

I’ll make this short and quick—since I’m just taking a break from reviewing for the exam, again—hehehe. EOS site can be seen here and all the basic things you should know about their product.

Before I let you guys see my new item, let me tell you where I first seen this product last year, and after that I wanted it so badly:  (This is when I'm searching for a very good lip moisturizer)

And now, it's EOS’s chance to promenade what she got within her. (OMG, SO EXCITED.)
The 360 degrees turn starts now!:D

I've chosen summer fruit since but this is not the only flavor they have;
there are other flavors to choose from! Check their site for the available flavors.:D

EOS: OHAI! You've  just seen my base--err--feet.:))
I thought the lip balm itself is freaking white color like what is seen on the EOS site but when I checked Michelle Phan's vid again, my confusion is answered, so the color is really yellowish.
 Wallet Damage: Php 250 (shipping not yet included)

What I love about it:
  • Very moisturizing as promised.
  • Softens lips.:)
  • I love the fruity smell!
  • Feels light when applied.
  • Not noticeable/ Appears colorless when applied to lips
  • I love it's packaging! It's so unique. My fingers can easily find it's way to my EOS when I'm ransacking my 'utterly disorganized' bag while walking, hahaha!  
  • I like the rubbery feel of the sphere! It won't slip easily on your hands.:D
  • Not bad for Php250
What I You (hate/do not like)  should know about it: 

  • In this cold weather, it will only last for 30 minutes to one hour then you have to reapply again (but it's okay for me since I really like holding this red ball of fruitiness-ha!). But on days where Mister Sun decided to show all his glory all day, this last for at least 1 and half hours or more for me .:)
  • When putting the cap back, you have to very careful to shoot the cap at the center of the sphere or you'll regret having a slightly damaged sphere. 
Will I recommend this? 
YES! You may also try the other flavors, maybe i'll try the other flavors soon.:)

Will I buy this again?
 YES! But I guess it will take me some time before I buy a new one.. a little of this goes a long way!:)

I promised to keep this short and quick, bleargh.

"Twist off top. Pucker up. Smooth on. Smile."

Keep safe and warm,


  1. I actually have that one. Its my fave and it smells so yummy.

  2. That's true! Smells good and very moisturizing.:D

  3. I have the summer fruit one too :) I love the color of the outside and it smells like trident layers :) I love it!


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