Friday, June 24, 2011

What I got last month.


I know I have tons of reviews to finish. This is just an addition to the growing list of reviews I need to accomplish.D:

Sealed and packed nicely. If you're wondering where I bought these, I bought it from because so far, she have the lowest price on these items (at the time I ordered my items).:D

Do you want to know the other items for sale where I got these items? Visit now! She's friendly and accommodates you fast.:)

I'm excited to use these items~! *must calm down* Actually, I've already started using one of the items here.

Want to know which item?

Hint: I love holding the product because of it's rubberized covering! hee-hee.

Bye for now, I swear I'll make it up for you guys.:)

Keep safe and warm,


  1. Oh!
    you got the nyx mosaic highlighter!

    i have the victoria's secret mosaic highlighter too & i guess that they just work the same. i hope you'll like tthat!

    i'm glad that letting your skin worked for you too!

  2. Hi Thiamere! (Hi Jem! haha, nagfeeling close.:D)
    Yes, I'm excited to use it!:D I hope they just work almost the same; I've read at MUA that Victoria Secret's mosaic highlighter is love! You're lucky that you have one, I also read it was discontinued already(?) D:

    Now i'm looking for reasons to really try it on!:)) Since i'm not going anywhere this month, I don't have a chance to "road test" it. I don't like wearing makeup at home if I'm not going out.XD

    YES! I'm super lucky to have stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for ways to get rid of my 'butlig' but did not develop into pimples; they just started showing up. Good thing I followed your egg and tomato mask and guidelines. Arigatou gozaimasu!:D


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