Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bacolod Adventure I


WARNING: A year old review/story that I think is worth writing about.. I've been saving this for a loooooong time in the draft section. I guess it really time to publish this before it's second anniversary.lol

I said I'll be having a quick trip to Bacolod before my board exam right? This is the reason why: me and my teammates represented our university on the recent POC-PSC National Games held in Silay, Bacolod. Our team played for the archery event.:D

Anyway, our flight in Cebu Pacific was supposedly May 24, 2011 at 5:25pm. I was at the airport at 3:30pm and I waited for my two more team mates to arrive. Half an hour before the flight, it was announced that our flight was delayed (because the plane made a trip in Gensan, Mindanao). I thought it was okay as long as we get in Bacolod that day and not the next day.

To our horror, our flight was moved to 8:00pm, but around 6:00pm it started to be really cloudy. At 7:00pm it started to rain--hard. The rain stopped around 8:00pm so we cheered because hopefully we can safely fly, but no, we were VERY wrong. The airbus that we're waiting for was still NOT landing! WTH. We're also starving! At this very moment we should be at our hotel booked in Bacolod. AARGH.

Maybe they heard our stomach growling. HEHE

 While waiting we decided to watch a movie calmly (even though deep inside we're already panicking). We watched--hold it, I know the title sounds corny--"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"--because my friend, Steph, has a copy. I asked her where did she get that (I'm thinking that these are the titles she would unlikely watch). She told me she just saw it in the office' computer and copied it (maybe she's just curious, lol).

We patiently waited for the plane (while watching) and once it already landed, the rain then comes again. This alerted the other passengers. Others don't want to fly that night in fear of accident. Others want to fly as soon as possible because it's getting too late for the night (and Bacolod Taxis have curfews). Others don't care/don't want to argue and wanted to fly next morning. That alerted us because we don't want to fly the next morning!

Even though we were sort-of stranded, my friend kept it cool and waited.
My boyfriend was already waiting for us at Bacolod airport.. He's been there since 3:00pm or 4:00pm and was still waiting for us at the airport. Sadly, we took off around 9:15pm and reached our destination (Bacolod airport)10:00-10:30pm. My boyfriend (and teammate) was waiting there for hours but did not complain, though I feel irritated by the airbus line for the delay. Imagine, if it is competition day and our expected 1-hour flight could be delayed for HOURS. 

Anyway, this will end the First Part of Bacolod Adventure. Will post the review on the hotel where we stayed.:) Please wait for it!:)

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