Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Hair Story I


Have you read my newest post? Yes, I'll be continuing the next part of the Bacolod Adventure with a review of the hotel where we stayed! Please wait for it.:) For now, I'll be telling you my hair story.

*WARNING*: This story might be too long for you to read and might bore you to death. Read at your own risk.

When I was 7years old to 11 year old (grade school days), my Aunt (my mother's sister) used to pay for our haircuts---yes, HAIRCUT. It's not trimming, my  hair was as short as a pixie cut. My Aunt's reason was because we were still 'kiddos' who doesn't care about hair that much, so we (I) ought to have a very short hair. When I was 4-6 years old, I used to have chin to shoulder length hair. I still remember that I always have braided hair or pig tails, but when I started to learn to play--I mean to play like a boy--running around, going everywhere without a care what my appearance is, my aunt thought it's time to cut it really short.

I was not affected by hair commercials when I was younger (early grade school years). I always use JJ Baby Shampoo. My older cousin commented on our (my sister and I) hair since she told us our hair was shiny and soft.

Image is not mine. This picture is from this link.
 I do not understand the "importance" of having a shiny and soft hair at that age. 

I was REALLY chubby as a kid. Having a pixie hair cut made it more obvious. At first I did not care what kind of haircut I have--if it suits my chubby face, etc.--but since I was already in the stage of "physical awareness" (late grade school years), I started to "hate" my hair. At grade 5-6 you start to notice other people's appearance more. I will deny (if I'm still at that age) that I start to have crushes and stuff. It was the start of adolescence stage. I start to notice my horrible hair.

I was then affected by the hair commercials, especially the hair commercial of Rejoice. Without my mom knowing, I switched shampoos and started using Rejoice (my mom was using Rejoice). She warned us about Rejoice before (even if she's using it); she told us that we should not use it since we still have very young scalp and Rejoice might still be too harsh for our scalp (and hair). When I was a child, more often than not, I didn't heed my mother's warning. It looked good on the commercial, so MAYBE it is good. Plus my mom was using it.

As an adolescent, I felt nothing was wrong while using it (my observation powers involving products that I use were not as sharp as today). I did not even dilute the Rejoice shampoo with water! I liked how it smells and the bubbles it formed. After using it for quite a while, my hair nightmares started.

Image is not mine. This picture is from this link.

The "Rejoice Nightmare" incident started around 1996-1997; this was the year where they started to change their shampoo formulation and packaging. BAM. Lesson learned: Mothers know best. The formula was too harsh for my scalp. So yes, this is why it turned out to be a nightmare. My super short hair started to be very dry, course and always tangled. Another thing that happened was my straight hair started to look "kinky", it's as dry as a broom! At that time no matter how I comb my hair, it always always sprung back to its 'kinky' state. Imagine a kinky hair on pixie cut on a chubby kid. GUHHH.

Image is not mine. This picture is from this link.
I always got teased (by my guy cousins) after what happened to my hair. They told me that I should use a dog's shampoo, because dog's hair/fur looked and felt better than my hair. :( My cousins are just older by 3-4 years than me, at that time they did not know what were the impacts of what they're saying. I can not blame them though, it was my fault that I ruined my hair.

I stopped using Rejoice and went back to my JJ Baby shampoo but it was too late. At grade six, I graduated with a kinky-short-dried-hair and very low self-confidence. (As much as I want to post some pictures, I won't. haha.:P Maybe next time when I have time to search my old photo albums.)

Summer time. We had Visita Iglesia and at every church my prayers were: "Thank you for my family, blessings, etc." "Sorry for my mistakes/bad things I've done, etc." AND "Please, Please, Make my hair grow longer and softer." Amen.

*Part two will be up next time*


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